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High and low temperature constant temperature circ

  • High and low temperature constant temperature circulating tank

    High temperature circulating tank through the refrigeration system and heating system, to achieve a high temperature of 180 ℃ low-temperature -60℃ constant temperature test for petroleum and chemical industry, electronic instrument, physics, chemistry, biological engineering, medicine and health, life sciences, light food, physical testing and chemical analysis and other research departments

  • Heating refrigeration thermostat (-20℃~ 180℃)

    Heating refrigeration thermostat to achieve a high temperature of 195℃ low-temperature -20℃ constant temperature test, to provide users with hot and cold source controlled, uniform temperature constant, also can be used in direct heating, refrigeration, heating and refrigeration auxiliary auxiliary cooling or heating, precise control of whole range of temperature, constant temperature fluctuation degree reached - 0.05℃

  • High temperature and low temperature circulator (-40℃ ~ 180℃)

    High temperature circulator using high precision PID temperature control procedures, can be directly heating and cooling, can also auxiliary heating and auxiliary refrigeration cooling or heating, used in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other chemical reaction process control of reactor, automatic synthesis instrument

  • Ultra low temperature heating refrigeration system (-60℃ ~ 180℃)

    Ultra low temperature heating and cooling system for constant temperature, constant temperature control system of small auxiliary materials at low temperature high temperature aging test, chemical equipment cold source heat source control, semiconductor equipment control, autoclave heating and cooling temperature control